Would you like to be able to

live a life you love?

But are you stuck?

Are you lost, with no idea who you are anymore?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and under-valued?

Midlife can be a time of change, challenges, and choices for women (and we can’t blame it all on the hormones).  We can often find ourselves at a crossroads, not sure which direction to take, desperate for some clarity.

Having had so much of our lives laid out by well-trodden signseducation, career, marriage, mortgage, kidswe suddenly find the road markers ahead are missing, yet we have a whole life still to lead.  You might be struggling to deal with a relationship, loss of identity, ageing in a world of anti-ageing propaganda, feeling invisible, have lost your mojo, suffering from a crisis of body image, confidence, invisibility, or all three.

Or perhaps are you hanging on to the Brink of Overwhelm by the fingertips of one hand, while juggling countless balls with the other?

Perhaps you are stuck in a rut, in your good shoes, but no amount of pilates is making you flexible enough to get out?

Have you spent years waiting ‘to arrive’ and then wake up and ask ‘is this it?’

We can all get so busy living our lives, we forget to make sure we love our lives. 

Getting a grip on our life, getting unstuck, getting out from under the overwhelm and living it with intent can seem impossible. But it’s not. 

You just need the space, time and guidance to figure it out.  And that’s where coaching comes in.

Whether it’s about getting out of your own way to reach a specific goal, trying to give balance to an unsteady juggle of job, home and other demands, dealing with anxiety or lack of confidence, or just figuring out who and what you want to be, my practical, science-based, research-proven coaching tools and techniques will help you thrive in, rather than just survive in, an ever-changing, always demanding world.

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